Smoking Mittens – practical solution for smoking outside in winter

I’m a freelance smoker. I just can’t resist lighting a butt while lying on the beach waiting for the sun to go down with a drink in the other hand. Then the smoking becomes an everyday habit until the New Year’s Day, when you leave all bad things behind and start over again. During the winter, with all the smoking restrictions, you have to fight the chilly weather while smoking outside and that’s when you’ll find these Smoking Mittens indispensable. Tobias Wong developed a top fashion pair of gloves, looking solid enough to handle even the North Pole freezing cold and as cool as you can proudly stand in front of the bar puffing in style. The extremely practical component of the Tobias Wong’s mittens is the nice metal circlet, designed to hold your cigarette, while your hands stay warm and safe from nicotine smell. Add the previously reviewed, portable ashtray ASCHAN and you are perfectly equipped for a pleasant smoking winter.

Practical and Stylish Smoking Mittens

The Smoking Mittens cost just $29.00 with FREE shipping in US & Canada. Just the ultimate Christmas Gift.
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ASHCAN - revolutionary portable ashtray of the new smoking era

portable ashtray

You are a smoker - right? No worries, more than 1.3 billions worldwide are smokers too - everyone has own vices and makes own choices - KickStyle will not blame you, but rather color and facilitate your habit, so puff delightfully and meet Ashcan. This is a product from the range of extremely simple and practical solutions - minimalist, handy, discreet and even multifunctional - with other words - just a portable ashtray. So imagine yourself in front of your favorite pub, smoking a butt because of the latest laws forbidding such practices on public places /if you think your country didn't accept them, think twice - they are just behind the corner/. The guilty feeling from strewing ash all over the place is inevitable, the eye searching trashcan is fluster act, the criticizing looks, judging your stubbed butt on the ground just make you want run away - enough my friend!

portable ashtray

Ashcan offers to all conscientious smokers a choice, a way to comfortably enjoy their habit and become involved in the "green cause" by keeping our environment clean and healthy. It fits neatly into a cigarette packet, taking up exactly the same amount of space as one cigarette. Reinforcing the green idea you will be glad to find out that it's made from aluminum and flame retardant plastic - both recyclable. Thanks to that fact, Ashcan is airtight, so it both extinguishes a lit cigarette in seconds and traps the odour inside.
Smoking smartly in a modest, stylish way, in defiance of all the obstacles will not make you look like Bond, but will definitely lead you to the new smoking era.

Ashcan is available in every TESCO store in UK for the price of £ 1.20
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