ReadyMech2.0 - even more free paper toys

free paper toy

2 months and a half after my review of the free paper toys, the guys from ReadyMech created their second generation of the "have paper fun" series. 14 new .PDF files are ready for downloading and folding, so you better start preparations following the instructions from my first post and you better find about 210 minutes /it usually takes 15 minutes for 1 toy/, so you can build up the whole amazing ReadyMech2.0 collection.
The style trends remains similar - most of the toys have the same form - rectangle body and sort of hands or tentacles, which make them look like funny robots and which facilitates the process as you get used to the folding manner. The main addictive factor is their life-themes - every paper toy has its own unique look and charm, so folding a furry bird, retarded school boy, emotional octopus or Buda zombie is not just a practical achievement, but piece of chef d'oeuvre on your /or somebody else/ shelf.
free paper toy

free paper toy
free paper toy

free paper toy

I had my good time experimenting, hope you had yours. See you in ReadyMech3.0 and hope more free self-made stuff will come on our way - you will be kept posted here.

Download the current ReadyMech series on:

Readymechs - FREE flatpack toys for download, built in 15 minutes

free paper toyReadymechs are free flatpack toys. Whenever you have 15 minutes, creative mood and willingness for having fun you should challenge Readymechs. And No it's not complicated at all - the process of getting one of these babies is simple - download a .PDF file, find a roll of double-sided tape and x-acto blade, stuck a fine, thick, matte piece of paper in your printer, preferably with color cartridge and no matter of the model, print, cut and fold. Et voila!

First of all this is something made by yourself and it has nothing to do with any of stationer's in your neighbourhood. The feeling of creating something on your own is invaluable - this is something we always forget to do with our PC trivial round - simple hand accomplishment and you have trust again in your creative skills.

So what you can do with such a thing?

  • it's colorful and it's perfect just to decorate something - bookshelf or whatever.
  • this is the perfect present for whoever - do you remember when was the last time you gave a present to your girl/boy friend without a reason? Your best friend has a birthday and you don't have any money left? The neighbor kid is giving you hard time? .............
  • it's cool looking, it's completely free toy you can find a thousands of reasons to add to this list.

free paper toy free paper toy free paper toy free paper toy
You don't get much FREE STUFF don't you? Me neither! 8 perfect Readymechs are waiting for you on:

So start being proud of your-self, bookmark KickStyle for similar posts and raise your self-esteem.