FUROSHIKI – learn the Japanese art of Eco Christmas gift wrapping

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that was used to wrap and transport clothes, lunch boxes and other goods in the past. The number of Furoshiki users is constantly increasing these days, as the green idea behind Furoshiki is a serious plastic bag killer and it’s preferable for environmental protection usage. The Furoshiki is already covering new horizons as table clothing, a scarf wearing, as well as a stunning style gift wrapping.

Furoshiki - the Japanese art of christmas gift wrapping

Recycle Now adopted the Furoshiki idea by collaborating with The Japanese Shop and created a comprehensive video guide, covering the art of eco gift wrapping ala Japanese. The main idea is that with Furoshiki type of wrapping you are actually giving double present with nothing to throw away. You are not supposed to use the original Furoshiki cloth of course – any fabric, large enough to wrap the objects and easy to knot will do perfectly the job.
Watch the step by step video guide for wrapping books, bottles, chocolates and for making an original Furoshiki bag:

Furoshiki Christmas gift wrapping – a genial idea by Recycle Now
Get additional Furoshiki instructions
For the hardcore fans - buy original Furoshiki cloth at The Japanese Shop
Thanks to guykawasaki

51 Japanese Characters – figurine presentation of the Japanese culture

51 Japanese Characters definitely made my day. Peter Machat created an insightful collection of figurines to illustrate Japanese society and its cultural phenomena very often perceived as secret and mysterious. The illustrations are simply fabulous, the character descriptions are entertaining and easy perceptive making the entire collection a must have one.              

51 japanese characters

From what I’ve browsed and observed, these became my favorites:

japanese character seppuku
Seppuku. All his life he has been loyal to his master. After loosing his honor, there was only one possibility to regain it - sepuku, harakiri. It is the traditional Japanese form of honorable suicide. Before him many Japanese feudal warriors practised harakiri to avoid falling into enemy hands, as a priviliged alternative to execution, after a private misfortune or out of loyality to a dead master

japanese character kabuki
Kabuki. He wears the costume of the kabuki hero. Kabuki was founded in the early 17th century and was, in contrast to the noh theatre, the popular culture of the townspeople. Even though it was founded by a woman, all kabuki actors are men and even the women’s roles are performed by men, called “oyama”. The individual kanji charactes, read from left to right, mean sing, dance and skill.

japanese character bosozoku
Bosozoku. He is a member of a teenage bike gang. He likes designing modifications for his motorcycle. Every weekend he meets with his gang for a shinai boso, an illegal high speed mass rally through Tokyo, organized by the sento sha, the gang leader, whom nobody is allowed to overtake. He is a tough guy and would like to become a Yakuza member one day.

51 characters are available on limited 500 pieces run of postcards available for ordering – 17.80 EUR for the entire set. 84x118 Posters are coming soon.

You can browse the web gallery and order on: 51 Japanese Characters by Peter Machat

Stylish Japanese Dining Table&Chairs which Fit in a Box

Let there be BOX!I was pleasantly surprised when i saw the interior design products created by Igland Design. Based in Norway, Igland Design Studio combines tradition Scandinavian wood with high-tech materials to create products that are visually strong, yet simple in appearance. Simplicity will be the most convenient keyword, which mixed with birch ply, carbonfibre, neoprene and a genious design sense produce the most creative, practical and futuristic goods, which are mandatory invaders of our home styles. That's what the guys from Igland Studio do.

The Mealbox is composed by: Birch Plywood reinforced with carbonfibre. Neoprene rubber seat-padding. Table doubles as coffee-table.

Dimensions when assembled:
h: 40cm w: 68cm l: 77 - 233cm

Assembled view:

creative lifestyle products

And if you still think that this is not possible, think twice. And if you are accidently on a` camping site with 5 more friends, bring back the company comfort with a morning tea, served on a perfect japanese style table. The impression is guranteed. An you might want to print this one, in case you are stuck with the assembilng:

creative lifestyle products

Dimensions when boxed:
h: 43cm w: 68cm l: 77cm

I hope that the creativity of Alet and Dag Igland will never exhaust and their creative interior design studio will be populated with more extraordinary homewear goods. You might contact them for all the details at:

mob: +47 40 42 73 76
e-mail: iglanddesign@yahoo.no
web: Igland Design.