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51 Japanese Characters – figurine presentation of the Japanese culture

51 japanese characters

51 Japanese Characters definitely made my day. Peter Machat created an insightful collection of figurines to illustrate Japanese society and its cultural phenomena very often perceived as secret and mysterious. The illustrations are simply fabulous, the character descriptions are entertaining and easy perceptive making the entire collection a […]

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Realistic e-commerce experience with video fashion review

Realistic e-commerce experience

The Fitting Room experience is what the online shopping is missing the most. Obviously there’s no way to virtualize the reality that much (at least not for the moment), but the web technologies took a huge step forward in the e-commerce area. An appropriate example, based on Adobe Scene7 platform for dynamic reach media solutions […]

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Catherine Ledner’s Animals – mixture of color and animals in genius prints

Animal Color Print

They are expensive and almost unaffordable, but all their stunning beauty will make you feel part of a real fairy-tale. The prints are framing different animals, for most of the shots with accent on their unusual poses, which are masterly contrasted or matched with the jazzy background patterns.[…]

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Shop Composition – the lifestyle store which makes a difference


You load shopcomposition and you see this:
You don’t really need to spend more than 10 sec to realize that you are on a totally unique online store, some you haven’t saw before. Clean design, minimalist vision, smooth and pleasant flash makes you feel that you are on the right place. […]

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