51 Japanese Characters – figurine presentation of the Japanese culture

51 Japanese Characters definitely made my day. Peter Machat created an insightful collection of figurines to illustrate Japanese society and its cultural phenomena very often perceived as secret and mysterious. The illustrations are simply fabulous, the character descriptions are entertaining and easy perceptive making the entire collection a must have one.              

51 japanese characters

From what I’ve browsed and observed, these became my favorites:

japanese character seppuku
Seppuku. All his life he has been loyal to his master. After loosing his honor, there was only one possibility to regain it - sepuku, harakiri. It is the traditional Japanese form of honorable suicide. Before him many Japanese feudal warriors practised harakiri to avoid falling into enemy hands, as a priviliged alternative to execution, after a private misfortune or out of loyality to a dead master

japanese character kabuki
Kabuki. He wears the costume of the kabuki hero. Kabuki was founded in the early 17th century and was, in contrast to the noh theatre, the popular culture of the townspeople. Even though it was founded by a woman, all kabuki actors are men and even the women’s roles are performed by men, called “oyama”. The individual kanji charactes, read from left to right, mean sing, dance and skill.

japanese character bosozoku
Bosozoku. He is a member of a teenage bike gang. He likes designing modifications for his motorcycle. Every weekend he meets with his gang for a shinai boso, an illegal high speed mass rally through Tokyo, organized by the sento sha, the gang leader, whom nobody is allowed to overtake. He is a tough guy and would like to become a Yakuza member one day.

51 characters are available on limited 500 pieces run of postcards available for ordering – 17.80 EUR for the entire set. 84x118 Posters are coming soon.

You can browse the web gallery and order on: 51 Japanese Characters by Peter Machat

Realistic e-commerce experience with video fashion review

The Fitting Room experience is what the online shopping is missing the most. Obviously there’s no way to virtualize the reality that much (at least not for the moment), but the web technologies took a huge step forward in the e-commerce area. An appropriate example, based on Adobe Scene7 platform for dynamic reach media solutions is integrated on JCPenney online store. Basically instead of checking, enlarging or zooming the traditional 4-5 product photos you get a realistic video fashion review. You’ve got a human model, wearing your item of interest with options for turning on 360’ closing by and distancing on the screen. The related products are visualized by animated thumbnails, teasing to click and check. It loads relatively quickly and you receive a realistic dimensional picture of the product you are about to purchase.

Even though JCPenny is not my favorite store and the real review option is available only for the Worthington women line, adopting such interactive presentation will definitely attract more customers and increase the overall sales, while getting closer to a realistic e-commerce experience for the end users.

You can browse the whole line on JCPenny or check the technology on Scene7
via ( richcommerce )

Catherine Ledner’s Animals – mixture of color and animals in genius prints

They are expensive and almost unaffordable, but all their stunning beauty will make you feel part of a real fairy-tale. The prints are framing different animals, for most of the shots with accent on their unusual poses, which are masterly contrasted or matched with the jazzy background patterns. The result is really impressive and it’s a master piece decoration for your bored walls if you can afford the $500 for a 16”x20” one. Getting off from the material side, couple of breath taking examples with a lot more to check on the website below:

animal color print cowanimal color print orangutan
animal color print cowanimal color print lama

Catherine Ledner’s Animal prints are on: http://catherinesanimals.com via ( swissmiss )

Shop Composition - the lifestyle store which makes a difference

You load shopcomposition and you see this:

You don’t really need to spend more than 10 sec to realize that you are on a totally unique online store, some you haven’t saw before. Clean design, minimalist vision, smooth and pleasant flash makes you feel that you are on the right place. Actually their statement says it all: “We are a modern store, committed to good design”. Simple and so involving.

So your first intuitive reaction is to check what they have to offer. Everything is so simple and practically made, that you can’t be lost even for a second – the browsing is simplified to: search, 2 static pages and 2 product filters – by vendor and by category. The product listing is preceded from a high-resolution image related to the category, which actually builds the unique store conception and makes you wish so much the product. One long horizontal flash scroll presents the items within the category - one click opens the detailed view.

online store for creative lifestyle products

The conclusion so far: 3 clicks after the site loads and you are ready to buy.

Why you are ready to buy? Because all of the products just match perfectly the concept of this blog – live your life in style. So let’s present the products with keywords, otherwise there will be descriptions - huge ones:

  • Create comfort
  • Products that work
  • Sit in style
  • Things for your mobile lifestyle
  • Live design
  • Urban lifestyle
  • Organize your gadgets
  • Imagine your future
  • Find inspiration
  • Hear always
  • Combine function and beauty
  • Wear your mood
  • Complement your life
  • Present great ideas in style
  • Creative simplicity
  • Go retro – Be modern
  • Ease of function etc. etc.etc.

And let’s visualize some of them:

stylish chairs for playing leather vase stylish knife practical wallets

/the leather vase is my favorite/
Well as any online store you can enjoy the promotions for series of the lifestyle products. Right now all shoes are on sale.

Definitely a must check store: www.shopcomposition.com