Lock your door remotely with your iphone

Lock your door remotely with your Iphone- Cmon'

The future is right here right now and the exciting new technologies, which sounded like a science fiction just before couple of years ago and now they are literary invading our homes.

Lockitron is probably the first device which lets you lock your door remotely from anywhere in the world using your mobile phone. With Lockitron you can instantly share access with your family and friends, on a temporary or permanent basis. Your kid's back from school? No problems you are getting notified. Someone knocks on our door? Lockitron will take care and send you an alert.

With the iPhone 4S or 5, Lockitron gives you true keyless entry to your home. Thanks to Bluetooth 4.0, when Lockitron senses you approaching the door, it will unlock it for you. In fact any smartphone can use Lockitron - for older feature phones, you can simply text your door to unlock.

It comes with a beautiful, functional and slick design that fastens securely over your existing lock in seconds. You can choose between three finishes including Obsidian Black, Bondi Blue and Quicksilver. Lockitron is available on lockitron.com starting at an introductory price of $149. It's expected to retail for $199 when it goes on sale early next year.
Welcome to the future.

Lock your door remotely with your iphone
Lock your door remotely with your iphone
Lock your door remotely with your iphone
Lock your door remotely with your iphone

Beer Tracker Bottle Opener

Have you always had the problem of having one too many beers on a Wednesday night and feeling awful on the way to work the next morning? Boy do we have something just for you! Check out the new Beer Tracker Bottle Opener, a product which is just like any other bottle opener in the store but for one little feature. This little fella can keep track of the number of beer caps it’s popped throughout the night. It may not seem like much now but after everyone has had more than a couple of beers keeping track presents a challenge.

Beer Tracker Bottle Opener

Beer Tracker Bottle Opener via likecool.com or you can buy it for $10 at fredflare.com

FIRO - innovative cooking device for modern picnics

One of these lasting memories from my childhood is the open air camping, where gathered around the camp fire, we wrapped potatoes and onions in cooking foil to bury them in the live coals and eat later on, like they were the most delicious thing on earth.
Pretty much all the inventions these days are exploring our good old habits trying to improve and polish the experience. Whether it’s a steel of our natural ways of reaction or a pure enlightenment on how things can work better, the progress is always here to stay and the FIRO concept by Andrea Nimtschke is totally proving it.

FIRO - innovative cooking device for modern picnics
FIRO - innovative cooking device for modern picnics

FIRO is a portable oven made of technical ceramics and a perfect multifunctional device for outdoor cooking. It holds 4 pots, attached to a railing construction with a swiveling support for maintaining the food level, thus way FIRO can be easily and safely dragged in and out of the fire. The pots are used both for cooking and eating purposes with utensils that clips on the sides of each pot and temperature insulation pockets for handling while hot. All from above in a compact and elegant 5 kg package.

FIRO - innovative cooking device for modern picnics

While the pots count short and look way to small, it’s a concept which will turn your modest picnics in a modern and stylish experience.

Check Andrea Nimtschke's product portfolio   via (Tuvie)

Smash Clock – wake up, releasing the stress every morning

There are so many examples of successful product design, which ingeniously envisages functionalities, corresponding to the real human behavior and the Smash Alarm clock promises just about that. Designed by Matthias Lange, the Smash Clock is a conceptual device tending to release the frustration of waking up every morning by the alarm beep. You know, you don’t necessarily need to go to work, you’re getting stressed, you want to smash that little beeping thing and you certainly will do it at some point – it’s just a matter of time, work and irritating everyday factors.
You have to hit the top surface of the Smash Clock to switch the alarm off and with the time being the deformation will become a sign of how you’ve precisely used it – some sort of artificial intelligence will track the damage and bring the device out of order when everything gets too far.

I completely adore the idea and will get the clock once it hits the market with the only clause that it will snooze while just pressed.

Smash Clock – wake up, releasing the stress every morning

Check the Matthias Lange portfolio    via (BenLegaus)

The Argo – fancy touring boat concept

If you go to Slovenia, you want to visit Ljubljana and tour Ljubljanica River. It flows through the city center, surrounded by art cafes, small galleries, gift shops and the authentic Slovenian architecture. Now imagine doing that in a delightful morning, relaxing with a cup of coffee, while calmly boating on a top notch touring boat and having one of these rare lifetime experiences. Jernej Jaroslav Kropej conceptually made this happen on the Bio.21, the 21st Biennial of Industrial Design, where he has been awarded for quality concept for “The Argo” - A Boat for Touring the Ljubljanica River. Slick and open design, easily connecting you with the environment, perfect buoyancy shape, fine curves ala James Bond style, classic black & white color scheme, everything fitting into a fancy boat concept.

Fancy Touring Boat ala James Bond Style
Fancy Touring Boat ala James Bond Style

Check the official event on BIO21 website via (Designeast)

Flat Bulb - pure style and inspiration

Since 1875, when Thomas Edison created the first commercially practical incandescent lamp every kid knows that the light bulbs are round shaped. The conventional re-design of the electric bulb from the Korean Designer Joonhuyn Kim is turning on 360’ the good old concept. Unlike the ordinary bulb, the shape is flat with 1/3 reduced volume and because of the slim design it easily fits in right-angled box, thus way preserving breakage.

inspirational flat bulb
inspirational flat bulb
(you really don’t want to byte a bulb)
inspirational slim bulb

Joonhuyn Kim work was on exhibition on 100% Design Tokyo 2008.

You can check Joonhuyn Kim portfolio for more works    via (Designboom)

Throw your mobile device away, the holographic interface is here

Uh-oh, the future is knocking on our everyday life, this time with blowing mind concept by Ivan Tihienko. Thanks to holographic projection you can take your mobile activities literally on the street, without having to care your smart phone, computer or any mobile device with you. Ever wanted to play air hockey with your friend whenever and wherever you want to – just holograph the game and start playing. Are you in a hurry to an unknown part of the town – your holographic GPS will show you the way right in front of you.

holographic interface

A lot more to see from the magnetic Ringo presentation:

Back in 2005 on the European Music Awards Gorillaz showed to the world really powerful virtual reality with their hologram performance, meaning that the technology is already present and we can start imagine….

check Ivan Tihienko’s portfolio     via (Fubiz)

CLOCKY - rise and shine with this playful alarm clock

creative lifestyle products

Life is life, we live and work, we work for living and we need to go to work - life philosophy is that simple. The whole process however is related to the tiny everyday practice - waking up. This is a nightmare experience - everybody will confirm it, especially the "night birds". Going out of the bed requires inhuman efforts every single morning - you get used to your alarm, the snoozes are not working effectively and at the end you are late again. Not anymore.

Clocky is one of these handy solutions which makes a huge sense in our self organization process. What will be better than a tricky body wake up forcing? Perhaps something, not invented yet, but Clocky is here, right now - alarm clock that runs away and hides when you don't wake up - merciless and dodgy. You have only one chance to get up, if you miss to snooze, Clocky will jump off of your nightstand and wheel around your room looking for a place to hide. Then it will alarm the hell out of its batteries, until you move your ass and turn it off. In the middle of this physical effort your sleep will be gone, you will become wide awake and ready to rock. Clever uh?

These are some of the invaluables toy features:

  • Set your snooze time, 0-9 min
  • Snooze once before he runs away
  • Choose 0 and he runs right away
  • Can jump from up to 3 feet
  • Moves on wood and carpet
  • Press snooze to view time at night
  • Screen flashes when beeping/running
  • Alarm beeps in random pattern
  • Clocky is small: 5.25" x 3.5" x 3.5"
  • Want him to stay put? Disable wheels.
  • Early low battery warning
  • Colors: almond white, aqua and mint and soon in mustard orange!

If you are fired enough, check the Clocky commercial below - oligophrenic enough to make you laugh and brainy enough to make you think about buying one:

Clocky costs $49.99 and it's available at:Nanda