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REVERSE backpack – practical equipment for extreme winter rides

Reverse backpack for ultimate winter experience

A simple rotation – that’s what prevented my ultimate snowboard experience so far. I don’t know for how long the Wed’ze Reverse Backpack has been around, but the mixture of concept, make and price automatically makes it best buy. The REVERSE technology consists of easily rotation of the backpack…

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Incredible Factory – stylish shoulder bags

stylish shoulder bag

Being a huge fan of the shoulder bags makes me always looking for the perfect one. Obviously when you get your latest you are stumbling upon that small store with incredibly looking articles and you get obsessed. Usually, the same applies for all the personal stuff you are digging. My next challenge these days is […]

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Adidas Nu Retro – innovative old school watch concept

adidas nu retro watch

The 3 stripes are from those kinds of classics, which are never ending inspirational source for the mankind. This time it hits the fashion world with a brand new watch concept from the designer Ilya Nikolich. The old-school Adidas charm is reincarnated in simplistic combination of metal and leather and elegant triple path strips layout. […]

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TripClip-practical solution for your fashion pair of jeans


Time and again prove that the simplicity is fundamental factor for a genius invention. TripClip is a simple but extremely practical solution for keeping your trousers intact. How’s that?
Clip on the Trip Clip – durable plastic clip that attaches to your trousers with an elastic cord around the […]

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