4 extremely practical kitchen appliances by Tomas Kral

Tomas Kral became a designer by accident, as he explained, but his design talent is beyond any doubt. You can say that his latest work is outstanding with its design maturity and originality, but what really impressed me are couple of his old creations, which explore people everyday needs and gives a different meaning to the common objects, by optimizing their purpose. Following is a selection of Tomas Kral’s 4 extremely practical kitchen appliances:

Lap Counter
The Lap Counter is a plastic tray and a neat kitchen facility, which gives you the mobility to peel, chop, slice fruits and vegetables almost anywhere in the house. It’s ergonomically shaped to fit the lap of the sitting person and it’s molded for both a container and a working surface. It will barely sit on your drying rack or fit in your washing machine, so it’s better thinking in the direction of assembling different modules, but besides that the Lap Counter is a brilliant facility for your prep cooking comfort.

Extremely practical kitchen appliances by Tomas Kral - Lap Counter

It’s just a plastic spoon with a container for water, which will save you the effort to stir and pour out with both hands at the same time. It will be even smarter to dose the liquids inside the spoon for a given quantity of the product to stir.

Extremely practical kitchen appliances by Tomas Kral - Jetspoon

Big Race
Is actually a bowl inspired and designed as a simple car. Big Race tends to change the way we percept traditional objects and give different user experience – no matter the age, everyone likes playing. As it comes in 3 different sizes you can easily pile the bowls up for space optimization. Simple, practical and stylish, the Big Race is a dream object in your kitchen.

Extremely practical kitchen appliances by Tomas Kral - Big Race Bowl

Like 2 atoms are grouping together to form a stable molecule, Tomas Kral joined 2 utensil to create a stunning double carafe for wine and water at the same time – handy, practical and stylish.

Extremely practical kitchen appliances by Tomas Kral - Molecule Carafe

It’s absolutely worth checking Tomas Kral’s remarkable portfolio, where you can closely track out the creation process of some of his products.

InRetro – massive line of retro bags for your modern urban lifestyle

Have you seen how a retro bag paradise looks like? Look no further, as it’s virtualized on the web pages of InRetro and you won’t leave it without checking every single funky retro design and you’ll definitely bookmark it to come back over and over again. For your sublime delight you can order online whatever number of pieces you need for your modern urban lifestyle and comfort and as it's the UK based paradise, you can certainly benefit from the low price and the currently week pound rate. If you take into consideration the worldwide shipping and the substantial wholesale discounts on top of the product uniqueness and dazzle, you can even start your long planed business in that artistic local studio around the corner.

Be prepared for a complete fascionation from the Airline Flight series and their original and unique retro branding and for a total style kick from the retro mod bags for the ace-face townie boys and girls.

As the InRetro range of cool retro bags is quite extensive, it’s almost impossible to enclose all top notch bag favorites, which will otherwise blow your mind. Of course you will not leave this page without checking our special Kick Style teaser:

InRetro – massive line of retro bags for your modern urban lifestyle

For a complete retro fashionating experience, check the tremendous InRetro bag paradise and don’t forget to drop us some fancy pictures of you and your retro bag favorite – they’ll get posted here.

PhotoHanger – mini hanger clip to hang your photos in style

The PhotoHanger just re-confirms the well-known fact, that the great ideas are minimalistic. The Japanese designer Juta Kan from studio +d has re-concept the standard paperclip, by giving it a new “emploi” of mini-hangar clip. While smiling on the idea, you can start digging your coolest non-digital photos and informally hang them on a wire across your room, as this might be the interior freshness you’ve been looking for.

Mini Hanger Clip to hang your photos in style

Even that it looks totally DIY you’ll probably waste considerable amount of paperclips before re-shaping them into hangers, so you might want bying some PhotoHangers which usually comes in packs of 7 pieces and are available at Gizmine for $11.99

Check the amazing +d product line     via (Noquedanblogs)

FUROSHIKI – learn the Japanese art of Eco Christmas gift wrapping

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that was used to wrap and transport clothes, lunch boxes and other goods in the past. The number of Furoshiki users is constantly increasing these days, as the green idea behind Furoshiki is a serious plastic bag killer and it’s preferable for environmental protection usage. The Furoshiki is already covering new horizons as table clothing, a scarf wearing, as well as a stunning style gift wrapping.

Furoshiki - the Japanese art of christmas gift wrapping

Recycle Now adopted the Furoshiki idea by collaborating with The Japanese Shop and created a comprehensive video guide, covering the art of eco gift wrapping ala Japanese. The main idea is that with Furoshiki type of wrapping you are actually giving double present with nothing to throw away. You are not supposed to use the original Furoshiki cloth of course – any fabric, large enough to wrap the objects and easy to knot will do perfectly the job.
Watch the step by step video guide for wrapping books, bottles, chocolates and for making an original Furoshiki bag:

Furoshiki Christmas gift wrapping – a genial idea by Recycle Now
Get additional Furoshiki instructions
For the hardcore fans - buy original Furoshiki cloth at The Japanese Shop
Thanks to guykawasaki

ICEBLOX – Tetris shaped ice cube tray give away

For all ice tray addicted, Martin Zampach from Design East designed three excellent green, orange and blue ICEBLOX and you could get all of them for free by leaving an interesting comment to this post. I proudly own puzzles, triangles and bottles ice trays from IKEA and I’m firmly settled to expand my collection.

Tetris Ice Cube Trays

Hurry up Design East ice cube trays give away until 8.12.2008

Smoking Mittens – practical solution for smoking outside in winter

I’m a freelance smoker. I just can’t resist lighting a butt while lying on the beach waiting for the sun to go down with a drink in the other hand. Then the smoking becomes an everyday habit until the New Year’s Day, when you leave all bad things behind and start over again. During the winter, with all the smoking restrictions, you have to fight the chilly weather while smoking outside and that’s when you’ll find these Smoking Mittens indispensable. Tobias Wong developed a top fashion pair of gloves, looking solid enough to handle even the North Pole freezing cold and as cool as you can proudly stand in front of the bar puffing in style. The extremely practical component of the Tobias Wong’s mittens is the nice metal circlet, designed to hold your cigarette, while your hands stay warm and safe from nicotine smell. Add the previously reviewed, portable ashtray ASCHAN and you are perfectly equipped for a pleasant smoking winter.

Practical and Stylish Smoking Mittens

The Smoking Mittens cost just $29.00 with FREE shipping in US & Canada. Just the ultimate Christmas Gift.
via (Selectism)

Accident-explanatory slings to make you smile

Thanks God, I never broke anything on my body, but I remember my childhood days, when this was a heroic sign, widely advertised by the sufferer. We even gathered together to sign the plaster just before its removal, so it can be kept as a souvenir from the glorious wild days. For all who are getting annoyed answering the same “How this happen” question, Andre Montejorge designed couple of funny and practical slings, aiming to save you the wording, but still illustrating the accident in a comic way. Idea to make you smile.

funny accident slings
funny accident slings

Idea by Andre Montejorge from Bem Legaus!

iWear - top notch iPod Nano wearable case

iwear wearable ipod case

iWear is an iPod accessory by the Hungarian design company ModYFire and it's a real practical jewel. The idea is to carry out the volumetric gadget outside from your pocket and make the navigation through your music library a breeze. You can interpret iWear literally - this is a case which will give you the ability to attach / detach your Ipod to practically any clothes such as jeans, skirt, pants, T-Shirt, sweater or even a scarf. The iWear peace of plastic will remain invisible under your clothes attaching and exposing the stunning iPod design on top of your fashion set. Being easy accessible and controllable, your iPod will contribute to your perfect resting, walking, jogging, running or bike riding. Currently iWear supports only the Nano series waiting for the hype to bring it to the front row and start carrying the light iPod Touch as well.

iwear wearable ipod case

iWear is currently available only for iPod Nano models and costs only $28
It's worth checking the gallery on: http://www.iwear.modyfire.com/

ASHCAN - revolutionary portable ashtray of the new smoking era

portable ashtray

You are a smoker - right? No worries, more than 1.3 billions worldwide are smokers too - everyone has own vices and makes own choices - KickStyle will not blame you, but rather color and facilitate your habit, so puff delightfully and meet Ashcan. This is a product from the range of extremely simple and practical solutions - minimalist, handy, discreet and even multifunctional - with other words - just a portable ashtray. So imagine yourself in front of your favorite pub, smoking a butt because of the latest laws forbidding such practices on public places /if you think your country didn't accept them, think twice - they are just behind the corner/. The guilty feeling from strewing ash all over the place is inevitable, the eye searching trashcan is fluster act, the criticizing looks, judging your stubbed butt on the ground just make you want run away - enough my friend!

portable ashtray

Ashcan offers to all conscientious smokers a choice, a way to comfortably enjoy their habit and become involved in the "green cause" by keeping our environment clean and healthy. It fits neatly into a cigarette packet, taking up exactly the same amount of space as one cigarette. Reinforcing the green idea you will be glad to find out that it's made from aluminum and flame retardant plastic - both recyclable. Thanks to that fact, Ashcan is airtight, so it both extinguishes a lit cigarette in seconds and traps the odour inside.
Smoking smartly in a modest, stylish way, in defiance of all the obstacles will not make you look like Bond, but will definitely lead you to the new smoking era.

Ashcan is available in every TESCO store in UK for the price of £ 1.20
For more info: http://www.ashcan.co.uk/