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Chopping board with ruler for culinary perfection

Practical chopping board for culinary perfection in the kitchen

When it comes to kitchen tools we always admire smart culinary solutions. Chopping board “Cut it Smart” combines 2 practical sides when chopping your meal preps – it’s made out of solid piece of Corian® material, which will not hold germs and odors and in the same time allows you to cut precisely every single […]

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Create your custom guitar picks like a pro

Create your custom guitar picks like a pro

Pickmaster Plectrum Punch will allow you to pinch a guitar pick out of any handy plastic like your expired credit card, H&M or any other gift card. Working with the tool is quite simple, where you simply need to press and stamp to get a traditional-shape ’351′ guitar pick which measure approximately 3 cm H […]

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Walnut Studio’s Strap Bike

Walnut Studio’s Strap Bike

Nothing more than a strip of leather with two adjustable buckles from a production point of view, this idea has a vast importance in its application. Bikers anywhere will love it. It is very simple and at the same time extremely practical. When fastened it becomes an invaluable tool in lifting bicycles especially up stairs […]

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Rip Cord

Rip Cord

This is a minor yet essential improvement upon the usual roll of packaging tape. It has a tiny string running through the center of the tape. You can later pull on the string to cut the tape in half. This turns the otherwise tedious task of opening a box into a simple movement with a […]

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HALO – LED Belt For Your Safety

HALO - LED Belt For Your Safety

Safety always comes first but with the HALO belt you can look cool in the process. Designed for both bikers and pedestrians, this LED belt makes you noticeable to night drivers. It comes in four neon colors: red, blue, green, and pink. It has several modes which allow it to strobe or flash. However, HALO […]

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Electric heated butter knife by Warburtons

Electric heated butter knife by Warburtons

We have all had those mornings when there is nothing more we would like but some butter on our toast to have with our coffee or tea but the thing is so hard from spending the night in the fridge that it just would not spread. You are late for work and you don’t want […]

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Hot Dog Roasting Sticks

Hot Dog Roasting Sticks

Everyone loves the great outdoors! And with this set of two hand-crafted Hot Dog Roasting Sticks you can bring back that sweet warm feeling of an open fire and the satisfaction of making your own food in the open. This is a quality, one-of-a-kind product specifically designed to prevent your food from falling into the […]

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Step up ladder

Storage and aesthetics are two invaluable aspects of the modern home. ‘Step up’ is a simple wooden ‘ladder’ that definitely takes shoe racks to a whole new level. Simply place it against a wall and you get an appealing rack that lets you place your shoes and looks good at the same time. You can […]

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Credit Card Cutlery

Cutlery In My Pocket

This neatly designed Credit Card Cutlery by designer Devon Briggs brings a beautiful solution to those situations in life when we forgot to pack a fork for a salad in the park. It conveniently fits into a wallet and is suitable for almost any setting- aboard an airplane, at a food festival, or just at […]

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