Bingo Ingo hanging lamp – live wires for a creative living space

A rubber cable, zinc metal hook and a light bulb are the simple components behind a real masterpiece - Bingo Ingo hanging lamp, designed by Admir Jukanovich for Alt Lucialternative. You see the live wires and you just keep distance, as per the laws of the electricity even a bear touch can be your last one on this earth. However this is exactly what you need to do, to have Bingo Ingo switched on or off. The magical touch actually activates the integrated at the end of the cable touch-dimmer switch device which is taking care of the lights. The rubber cable itself is flexible enough for easy hanging, wounding round the hook and knotting for making your living space more informal and creative.

Bingo Ingo hanging lamp - live wires in your creative living space

The prices at Ebay are a little bit scary, but it seems that it’s the only purchasing option so far.

Check the creative Admir Jukanovich's portfolio and Alt Lucialternative light products
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Style treasury of old-school Russian made goods

Back in 80’s the Russian influence was soaked through every aspect of Bulgarian's everyday life and whether for good or bad it traced permanently every child memory by that time. It was a charming childhood for me though – I was subscribed and passionately read “Misha” and bunch of other Russian cult magazines; I was listening the radio show for children on an old “Rekord” radio system, every single morning, while drinking my tea prepared in the “Samovar”; I was constructing buildings and cars on the Lego predecessor – The Russian Constructor with real gear, nuts and bolts; I was taking photos with an old “Smena” and watching the slides on a diapositive projector.

Made in USSR brought me back there with its refreshing collection of old-school assets, most of them eligible for art manuals and style magazines. The website is real treasury, deserving your admiration:

Russian Style Treasury of old-school goods

Made in USSR style treasury website

Stylish acoustic panels for sound optimization in the office

Optimization of the sound level in the office is what I vote for, with both of my hands. I’ve got my headphones most of the time, but this just doesn’t work when you need to get concentrated and in the same time you have 5 colleagues talking on the phone, while the rest are jabbering around.

I have new Swedish favorite besides IKEA – Glimakra develops high quality, innovative interior design products and creates comfortable surroundings in the modern office for today's people by maximum minimizing the environmental impact.

Stylish acoustic panels for sound optimization in the office

“Wannabetree” series are designed by Bertil Harstrom and they actually are acoustic screens for open landscapes and big rooms, which intend to absorb and isolate the sound, thus way assuring right and positive sound experience for the people inside. They come in 3 different sizes and 7 various colors, mimicking stylized trees. The tree panels are made from MDF (medium density fiberboard), coated with polyester and certified under ISO sound absorbing conventions.

Stylish acoustic panels for sound optimization in the office

Enough with the tech specs. As you might already spot, The Wannabetree series are nothing but pure style panels, which will not only make your office, look tremendous, but with a piece of creative arrangement will perfectly divide the office space as well. Now when you have your own privacy you can personalize the surrounding Wannabetrees with your sticky notes, photos, calendars or everything office friendly and make the space totally Zen for the well being of you and all colleagues.

Stylish acoustic panels for sound optimization in the office
Stylish acoustic panels for sound optimization in the office

Dear HR’s we all deserve similar environment, please make this happen for real.

Check Glimakra portfolio for more great products
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Circular cut-out plug for safely and easily pulling it out

What a neat plug idea!
Bad quality plug, stuck in the socket is certainly a tricky situation, which even might freak you out, because pulling out the thing may electrify the shit out of you.
Kim Seung Woo made the unplug process a breeze even for a child – a circular cut-out allows you to pull the plug out of the power outlet with a minimum effort. Moreover, a discreet blue led light will remind you in the dark that it’s preferable to unplug before falling asleep, as you will further save energy from the stand-by mode waist.

Universal, stylish and safe plug

Stylish, practical and green – me like it.

Kim Seung Woo is a winner of a red dot award for design concept for 2008.
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Napkin every day with original and aesthetic 2009 napkins calendar

Original Calendar 2009 idea comes straight from Moscow right under the artistic hand of 27 years old designer Stanislav Akinfin (Stas Aki) with worth mentioning 4 years graphic design expertise at Art. Lebedev Studio.

Black printing the days of the year on white napkins sounds like waste of time, but the results below are pretty impressive to prove again that it’s always worth to give a try.

I particularly like the idea of the 30 pieces set of monthly pocket napkins - they seem to be easy to re-stock in case you sniff the hell out of your nose in a cold week.

aesthetic napkins calendar for 2009
aesthetic napkins calendar for 2009
aesthetic napkins calendar for 2009

Stas Aki personal website via (Today&Tomorrow)

Chocolate fondue set for an ultimate romantic experience

The chocolate fondue set by the Dutch designer Jacob Wagner is the ultimate romantic key to every women heart. Designed in 2 parts, the base is adjusted to hold a tealight candle for heating up the chocolate, while the thermo upper part keeps the chocolate liquid without burning. Both parts fit together letting the light romantically gleam and the chocolate seductively exhale. You are 2 minutes away from the complete delight – follow the easy recipe below the images for preparing the unrivalled classic chocolate fondue. Unleashing your fantasy on how and where to consume the irresistible dipped fruits will be on your own.

Romantic Chocolate Fondue Set

Classic Chocolate Fondue Recipe

  • 1 cup whipping cream
  • 8 ounces premium chocolate, chopped
  • 2 teaspoons orange (any) liqueur
  • Various sliced fruits for dipping

Over low flame, heat cream until warm. Pour in chocolate while stirring continuously until the mixture become smooth. Stir in liqueur and transfer to the already bought chocolate fondue set from above. Dip with various fruits.

You can buy the Chocolate Fondue Set by Jacob Wagner at Panik Design for £ 29.36
Further check Jacob Wagner's portfolio
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GAP Electra Cruiser – original, limited-edition designer bike

GAP’s marketing campaigns are always launching striking design chef d ’oeuvres you can’t resist buying. I really admire the GAP's way of incorporating the fashion tendencies and concepts in everyday objects. 2007’s fashion motto were the color stripes, which GAP bring out from the clothing to let the customers customize a brand new Vespa LX50 and buy it for $6000. This season GAP is hitting the market with a mind blowing bike design. The collaboration this time is with Electra Bicycle Company for a limited-edition of Electra Cruisers, complimented with blue argyle patterns, which are the inspiration of the GAP’s new holiday collection. The bike comes in adult and child series at the affordable prices of $499 and $299 respectively.

Gap Electra Cruiser

Pedaling on top of this classic, stunning townie is nothing but a pure style experience.

Check the incredible Electra bikes catalogue
GAP’s special-edition Electra cruisers are available now - more information on GAP’s website
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Modular Shelving – scaffolds with wall decals for vital interior

Maria Yasko is Russian industrial designer with quite fresh portfolio on Behance network. Her modular shelves started to create a good buzz recently and they are definitely worth sharing. The magic of each shelf concept is the communication of an object idea with simplistic, yet versed design. Right on spot is the reinforcement of the “The Icelandic Tree” and “The Rill” concepts with thematic wall decals. Top favorite and outstanding shelf is “The Bee” with the funky yellow–brown color scheme and the accordion shape, practically fitting in your corridor corner. While the author has figured out the shelves material, let’s hope she will also sort out the accounting and set forth the concepts in production.

Designer modular shelves with wall decals
Designer modular shelves with wall decals
Designer modular shelves with wall decals

Maria Yasko’s portfolio   via (Why Me?)

Sounds Butter’s installation of walking stick with bell

I like the idea behind the installation of the interactive design group Sounds Butter – treating the walking stick as a mobility device, on which you usually install a bell for forewarning or a rear-view mirror. Ride your walking stick carefully.

Walking stick with bell

Sounds Butter portfolio