REVERSE backpack – practical equipment for extreme winter rides

A simple rotation – that’s what prevented my ultimate snowboard experience so far. I don’t know for how long the Wed’ze Reverse Backpack has been around, but the mixture of concept, make and price automatically makes it best buy. The REVERSE technology consists of easily rotation of the backpack from back to front and vice versa, granting quick and comfortable access to your winter essentials. This is possible because of the exclusive fast buckle, which easily unclips even with ski gloves on, the sliding belt and strap for optimized and smooth rotation and the overall ergonomic and functional design.

Reverse backpack for ultimate winter experience

For its light weight of 670 g., it has capacity of 20 liters and its equipped with all sort of pockets to fit MP3 players, cameras, documents, gloves, keys, most importantly drinks and everything needed for a safe and pleasant ride.
The REVERSE backpack comes in 5 different color variations and it’s made from hardwearing 600-denier fabric for superior durability with foam-lined panels to protect contents.

Reverse backpack for ultimate winter experience

You can buy REVERSE backpack in Decathlon for 29.00 €
Oh wait, there is a SALE going on in Decathlon UK store for as little as 19.95 £

Check the really entertaining REVERSE website for more info and video presentation    via (TrendsNow)

Modular Shelving – scaffolds with wall decals for vital interior

Maria Yasko is Russian industrial designer with quite fresh portfolio on Behance network. Her modular shelves started to create a good buzz recently and they are definitely worth sharing. The magic of each shelf concept is the communication of an object idea with simplistic, yet versed design. Right on spot is the reinforcement of the “The Icelandic Tree” and “The Rill” concepts with thematic wall decals. Top favorite and outstanding shelf is “The Bee” with the funky yellow–brown color scheme and the accordion shape, practically fitting in your corridor corner. While the author has figured out the shelves material, let’s hope she will also sort out the accounting and set forth the concepts in production.

Designer modular shelves with wall decals
Designer modular shelves with wall decals
Designer modular shelves with wall decals

Maria Yasko’s portfolio   via (Why Me?)

Sounds Butter’s installation of walking stick with bell

I like the idea behind the installation of the interactive design group Sounds Butter – treating the walking stick as a mobility device, on which you usually install a bell for forewarning or a rear-view mirror. Ride your walking stick carefully.

Walking stick with bell

Sounds Butter portfolio

The Argo – fancy touring boat concept

If you go to Slovenia, you want to visit Ljubljana and tour Ljubljanica River. It flows through the city center, surrounded by art cafes, small galleries, gift shops and the authentic Slovenian architecture. Now imagine doing that in a delightful morning, relaxing with a cup of coffee, while calmly boating on a top notch touring boat and having one of these rare lifetime experiences. Jernej Jaroslav Kropej conceptually made this happen on the Bio.21, the 21st Biennial of Industrial Design, where he has been awarded for quality concept for “The Argo” - A Boat for Touring the Ljubljanica River. Slick and open design, easily connecting you with the environment, perfect buoyancy shape, fine curves ala James Bond style, classic black & white color scheme, everything fitting into a fancy boat concept.

Fancy Touring Boat ala James Bond Style
Fancy Touring Boat ala James Bond Style

Check the official event on BIO21 website via (Designeast)

Incredible Factory - stylish shoulder bags

Being a huge fan of the shoulder bags makes me always looking for the perfect one. Obviously when you get your latest you are stumbling upon that small store with incredibly looking articles and you get obsessed. Usually, the same applies for all the personal stuff you are digging. My next challenge these days is Incredible Factory and their stunning collection of perfectly designed shoulder bags. The top favorite of course is the “Retrowave”, which print is an exact copy of the soviet VEF (type of radio) I used to listen every morning when I was kid.
A look is well worth:

stylish shoulder bags
stylish shoulder bags

All the bags are mixture of matt vinyl and “Soprama” – lasting and fire resistant material. There is a large interior compartment with three separate pockets; the overall size is 32x23x10 cm with adjustable strap of 30-180 cm.

The bad news is that the store is exclusively Russian based, therefore the payment & shipment are only local. Even they are a little bit pricey – 60 EUR/piece, I will try to get in touch with the owners asking for international service and will keep you updated.

You can check the entire Incredible Factory collection - Google Translate service will do a quite accurate translation for you. via (Novate)

51 Japanese Characters – figurine presentation of the Japanese culture

51 Japanese Characters definitely made my day. Peter Machat created an insightful collection of figurines to illustrate Japanese society and its cultural phenomena very often perceived as secret and mysterious. The illustrations are simply fabulous, the character descriptions are entertaining and easy perceptive making the entire collection a must have one.              

51 japanese characters

From what I’ve browsed and observed, these became my favorites:

japanese character seppuku
Seppuku. All his life he has been loyal to his master. After loosing his honor, there was only one possibility to regain it - sepuku, harakiri. It is the traditional Japanese form of honorable suicide. Before him many Japanese feudal warriors practised harakiri to avoid falling into enemy hands, as a priviliged alternative to execution, after a private misfortune or out of loyality to a dead master

japanese character kabuki
Kabuki. He wears the costume of the kabuki hero. Kabuki was founded in the early 17th century and was, in contrast to the noh theatre, the popular culture of the townspeople. Even though it was founded by a woman, all kabuki actors are men and even the women’s roles are performed by men, called “oyama”. The individual kanji charactes, read from left to right, mean sing, dance and skill.

japanese character bosozoku
Bosozoku. He is a member of a teenage bike gang. He likes designing modifications for his motorcycle. Every weekend he meets with his gang for a shinai boso, an illegal high speed mass rally through Tokyo, organized by the sento sha, the gang leader, whom nobody is allowed to overtake. He is a tough guy and would like to become a Yakuza member one day.

51 characters are available on limited 500 pieces run of postcards available for ordering – 17.80 EUR for the entire set. 84x118 Posters are coming soon.

You can browse the web gallery and order on: 51 Japanese Characters by Peter Machat

Flat Bulb - pure style and inspiration

Since 1875, when Thomas Edison created the first commercially practical incandescent lamp every kid knows that the light bulbs are round shaped. The conventional re-design of the electric bulb from the Korean Designer Joonhuyn Kim is turning on 360’ the good old concept. Unlike the ordinary bulb, the shape is flat with 1/3 reduced volume and because of the slim design it easily fits in right-angled box, thus way preserving breakage.

inspirational flat bulb
inspirational flat bulb
(you really don’t want to byte a bulb)
inspirational slim bulb

Joonhuyn Kim work was on exhibition on 100% Design Tokyo 2008.

You can check Joonhuyn Kim portfolio for more works    via (Designboom)

Throw your mobile device away, the holographic interface is here

Uh-oh, the future is knocking on our everyday life, this time with blowing mind concept by Ivan Tihienko. Thanks to holographic projection you can take your mobile activities literally on the street, without having to care your smart phone, computer or any mobile device with you. Ever wanted to play air hockey with your friend whenever and wherever you want to – just holograph the game and start playing. Are you in a hurry to an unknown part of the town – your holographic GPS will show you the way right in front of you.

holographic interface

A lot more to see from the magnetic Ringo presentation:

Back in 2005 on the European Music Awards Gorillaz showed to the world really powerful virtual reality with their hologram performance, meaning that the technology is already present and we can start imagine….

check Ivan Tihienko’s portfolio     via (Fubiz)

Realistic e-commerce experience with video fashion review

The Fitting Room experience is what the online shopping is missing the most. Obviously there’s no way to virtualize the reality that much (at least not for the moment), but the web technologies took a huge step forward in the e-commerce area. An appropriate example, based on Adobe Scene7 platform for dynamic reach media solutions is integrated on JCPenney online store. Basically instead of checking, enlarging or zooming the traditional 4-5 product photos you get a realistic video fashion review. You’ve got a human model, wearing your item of interest with options for turning on 360’ closing by and distancing on the screen. The related products are visualized by animated thumbnails, teasing to click and check. It loads relatively quickly and you receive a realistic dimensional picture of the product you are about to purchase.

Even though JCPenny is not my favorite store and the real review option is available only for the Worthington women line, adopting such interactive presentation will definitely attract more customers and increase the overall sales, while getting closer to a realistic e-commerce experience for the end users.

You can browse the whole line on JCPenny or check the technology on Scene7
via ( richcommerce )