Kickit Shoe Rack - brilliant furniture, combining art, usability and style

Kickit is so KickStyle, that I didn’t resist to share my spontaneous love for it. It’s an interior bijou, discretely illuminated, convenient for sitting, practical enough to hold bunch of shoes and so original and entertaining, that you can spend days flinging your shoes and then digging among the nylon brushes.

Unfortunately great ideas cost fortunes and weight 72kg.

kickit designer shoe rack

Designed by MAGAZIN via ( SwissMiss )

Eclipse Relaxer – the ultimate relaxing outdoor sofa

I want one! You just thought that, right? Since the first eye contact with Eclipse Relaxer, the picture of sublime harmony between yourself and the environment hits you so powerfully, that you can’t get rid of the obsession being on top of it.

The UK based studio Gloster, launched the modular Eclipse Day Bed concept last year and created a real furor on the international interior design scene.

The idea behind the Relaxer is practical and minimalistic – you have a sofa and a footstool, which can be used separately, but joined together they form a nice and comfy shaped bed. The Relaxer comes in 2 color variations - a rich brown Java or bleached Driftwood and it’s topped with cushions in a variety of vibrant and neutral colors to provide absolute comfort. Stylish Eclipse accessory item is the side table, which comes in midnight color ceramic top that, almost indestructible, is resistant to both severe scratching and intense heat. Both the seating and the tables are light and easy to move around thanks to either integral gliders or smooth running castors which lock into position as soon as weight as applied. The real chef d’oeuvre of the Relaxer set is the Sail - an optional canopy for the Eclipse Relaxer Unit that provides shade from both wind and sunshine.

A common great characteristic of the Eclipse furniture is that it’s completely weatherproof and can be left outdoors all year round. Cushion covers are made from a soft-to-touch 100% acrylic fabric that is water proof as well.

eclipse outdoor relaxing sofa
eclipse outdoor relaxing sofa
eclipse outdoor relaxing sofa

The award winning outdoor set has been complemented at the beginning of 2008 with 3 new stylish additions for ultimate outdoor experience - The Two Sitter Sofa, an Armchair and a Coffee table. Further new additions to Eclipse are protective, waterproof covers for all pieces in the collection.

eclipse outdoor relaxing sofa

Sociable, private, intimate, relaxing, in the garden, on the beach, near the pool, under the sunset light – Eclipse Relaxer is anything you could wish for feeling extraordinarily comfy. Whether you want to sit, sleep, lounge or sunbathe, the unique design, concept and make allow for an endless array of possibilities and deep outdoor delight.

eclipse outdoor relaxing sofa
eclipse outdoor relaxing sofa

Feel the out of this world Eclipse Relaxer experience at: Gloster

Catching the Wild - creative coat stand carrying your wild clothes

Catching the Wild is not just a coat stand; it’s an object of desire since the very first look. My immediate imaginary action was to fit it right away in my modest interior and start with the clothes compositions. Goodbye of the boring wardrobe concepts with tabs arranged in a row and big welcome to the wild, immense and creative design ideas. The lasso shape is worked out from steel and polyester rope with 177 cm height and 65x97 cm width (bottom and top accordingly). If you are eager for more wildness, you should visit the terrific website touched in the same “Wild Wild West” style from the creators of Stolen Wood studio.

designer coat stand
designer coat stand
designer coat stand

Designed by StolenWood via ( Inspire me, now! )

Pilen Bicycle Concept – retro style bike with unique design features

Swedish product designer Eric Oscar Therner did what the city lifestyle needed– an elegant bike design, which refreshes the contemporary biking visuals and in the same time makes the biker standing out from the everyday environment, while enjoying a comfort ride. The concept is entirely inspired from the 1930’s Le Mans racers with an idea to spice it up with materials and technologies from the future. Thus way the bike is equipped with unique features such as led lights integrated into the frame and a two part saddle which absorbs shock. What really impress me in the Pilen Concept are the fine curves, the way all parts hold together in a solid, but still elegant construction giving an impression of power, comfort and safety.

pilen retro style bike
pilen retro style bike

The Pilen bike proofs again that mixing retro and contemporary result in excellent concepts – let’s hope they will soon flood the markets with their product equivalents.

Pilen bike is Eric Therner’s concept for studio ADDI via ( designboom )

Zimmeration – ingenious lifestyle equipment for disabled people

My wild guess is that the author of the Zimmeration project - Nikola Seen Yan Leung joinned together the words Zimmer and Nation thus way creating the name of his concept. The Zimmers or Zimmer Frame is British common term, equivalent for a Walker - tool for disabled people who need additional support to maintain balance or stability while walking.

I really love the idea for bringing style in objects and areas where the style is excluded by default. The elder people deserve comfort and opportunity to express their lifestyle in the equipment which is a daily living requisite for them. Nikola Leung addresses these issues by re-shaping the traditional forms into more organic and futuristic ones and by accenting on different series of graphics for styling the body-frame.

The introduced new function for taking an extra step while walking with Zimmeration sounds more like adding an extra effort for the person who use it. Thinking in a direction for controlling the width and height might bring an innovation flavor to the product and avoid size discrepancies for the people with different age, proportions and genre.

Great, noble and stylish concept, which I hope will evolve into constant equipment for every disabled person.

stylish equipment for disable people

via ( CSM Product Design )

Adidas Nu Retro – innovative old school watch concept

The 3 stripes are from those kinds of classics, which are never ending inspirational source for the mankind. This time it hits the fashion world with a brand new watch concept from the designer Ilya Nikolich. The old-school Adidas charm is reincarnated in simplistic combination of metal and leather and elegant triple path strips layout. A genial decision is the triple column disposition of the date and time elements, giving the impression of refined design geometry. I really like the idea behind the stylish dotted font, which visually reminds me of the flipped numbers and letters on the retro informational boards. The only element I would rather remove is the Adidas lily logo, which conceptually doesn’t get along with the triple stripes one.

Brilliant watch concept, worth hitting the Adidas labs right away.

adidas nu retro watch

For more pictures and information visit Ilya Nikolich portfolio

Catherine Ledner’s Animals – mixture of color and animals in genius prints

They are expensive and almost unaffordable, but all their stunning beauty will make you feel part of a real fairy-tale. The prints are framing different animals, for most of the shots with accent on their unusual poses, which are masterly contrasted or matched with the jazzy background patterns. The result is really impressive and it’s a master piece decoration for your bored walls if you can afford the $500 for a 16”x20” one. Getting off from the material side, couple of breath taking examples with a lot more to check on the website below:

animal color print cowanimal color print orangutan
animal color print cowanimal color print lama

Catherine Ledner’s Animal prints are on: via ( swissmiss )

iWear - top notch iPod Nano wearable case

iwear wearable ipod case

iWear is an iPod accessory by the Hungarian design company ModYFire and it's a real practical jewel. The idea is to carry out the volumetric gadget outside from your pocket and make the navigation through your music library a breeze. You can interpret iWear literally - this is a case which will give you the ability to attach / detach your Ipod to practically any clothes such as jeans, skirt, pants, T-Shirt, sweater or even a scarf. The iWear peace of plastic will remain invisible under your clothes attaching and exposing the stunning iPod design on top of your fashion set. Being easy accessible and controllable, your iPod will contribute to your perfect resting, walking, jogging, running or bike riding. Currently iWear supports only the Nano series waiting for the hype to bring it to the front row and start carrying the light iPod Touch as well.

iwear wearable ipod case

iWear is currently available only for iPod Nano models and costs only $28
It's worth checking the gallery on:

ASHCAN - revolutionary portable ashtray of the new smoking era

portable ashtray

You are a smoker - right? No worries, more than 1.3 billions worldwide are smokers too - everyone has own vices and makes own choices - KickStyle will not blame you, but rather color and facilitate your habit, so puff delightfully and meet Ashcan. This is a product from the range of extremely simple and practical solutions - minimalist, handy, discreet and even multifunctional - with other words - just a portable ashtray. So imagine yourself in front of your favorite pub, smoking a butt because of the latest laws forbidding such practices on public places /if you think your country didn't accept them, think twice - they are just behind the corner/. The guilty feeling from strewing ash all over the place is inevitable, the eye searching trashcan is fluster act, the criticizing looks, judging your stubbed butt on the ground just make you want run away - enough my friend!

portable ashtray

Ashcan offers to all conscientious smokers a choice, a way to comfortably enjoy their habit and become involved in the "green cause" by keeping our environment clean and healthy. It fits neatly into a cigarette packet, taking up exactly the same amount of space as one cigarette. Reinforcing the green idea you will be glad to find out that it's made from aluminum and flame retardant plastic - both recyclable. Thanks to that fact, Ashcan is airtight, so it both extinguishes a lit cigarette in seconds and traps the odour inside.
Smoking smartly in a modest, stylish way, in defiance of all the obstacles will not make you look like Bond, but will definitely lead you to the new smoking era.

Ashcan is available in every TESCO store in UK for the price of £ 1.20
For more info: