The Brooklyn based designer Kiel Mead is vastly popular with his jewelry cleverness, quirky designs and his casual way to give new meanings to trivial objects. If you haven’t been already dazzled by his work, search for the clever Forget-Me-Not ring, which is modeled on a piece of tied string, the charmed hung casting of chewing gum or the emblematic matchstick necklaces.

Kiel Mead is from those kind of designers who doesn’t intentionally create something, but rather grows his work out of own personal obsessions and researches, on topics that electrify his interest. This is exactly the case with the Birdie Light – fascinated by the “gentlemen’s” sports, like croquet, tennis, badminton and the eloquence and poise that such activities require, Mead started to play around with the classic objects, used in such sports to finally come up with unbelievably simple and enormously cool looking Shuttlecock lamp-shade.

How to easy make your own designer Shuttlecock Pendant Lamp

Shuttlecock Pendant Lamp instructions provided by Ready Made Magazine

Ingredients and tools:

  • Goose feathered shuttlecock
  • Power drill
  • 1/2 and 1/4 drill bits
  • Candelabra socket
  • Plug
  • 15 Watt light bulb
  • 1m. lamp cord

Make it:

Start with a proper shuttlecock. The plastic ones that you and I grew up with were dumped down for modern culture – authentic birdies are made with goose feathers, which are way more appropriate for their purpose to glide back and forth through the air.
Working from the feathered end of the shuttlecock use a 1/4 bit to drill part of the way into the cork top. Use a 1/2 bit to drill the rest of the way through and thread the lamp cord through the shuttlecock. Attach the candelabra socket to one end of the cord, so that it will end up nesting inside the core of the feathers. Secure the plug to the other end. Press the socket into the cork, screw in the light bulb and hang. Resist the urge to swat.

How to easy make your own designer Shuttlecock Pendant Lamp

Birdie Light is most likely to become a favorite interior companion, but it seems really hard to resist the temptation of testing your forehand on it every single time you pass close by.

Alternatively if you are not into DIY stuff you can buy the Birdie Light from The Future Perfect for the affordable $50

Check the entire creative portfolio of Kiel Mead   via (Slectism)

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