Tomas Kral became a designer by accident, as he explained, but his design talent is beyond any doubt. You can say that his latest work is outstanding with its design maturity and originality, but what really impressed me are couple of his old creations, which explore people everyday needs and gives a different meaning to the common objects, by optimizing their purpose. Following is a selection of Tomas Kral’s 4 extremely practical kitchen appliances:

Lap Counter
The Lap Counter is a plastic tray and a neat kitchen facility, which gives you the mobility to peel, chop, slice fruits and vegetables almost anywhere in the house. It’s ergonomically shaped to fit the lap of the sitting person and it’s molded for both a container and a working surface. It will barely sit on your drying rack or fit in your washing machine, so it’s better thinking in the direction of assembling different modules, but besides that the Lap Counter is a brilliant facility for your prep cooking comfort.

Extremely practical kitchen appliances by Tomas Kral - Lap Counter

It’s just a plastic spoon with a container for water, which will save you the effort to stir and pour out with both hands at the same time. It will be even smarter to dose the liquids inside the spoon for a given quantity of the product to stir.

Extremely practical kitchen appliances by Tomas Kral - Jetspoon

Big Race
Is actually a bowl inspired and designed as a simple car. Big Race tends to change the way we percept traditional objects and give different user experience – no matter the age, everyone likes playing. As it comes in 3 different sizes you can easily pile the bowls up for space optimization. Simple, practical and stylish, the Big Race is a dream object in your kitchen.

Extremely practical kitchen appliances by Tomas Kral - Big Race Bowl

Like 2 atoms are grouping together to form a stable molecule, Tomas Kral joined 2 utensil to create a stunning double carafe for wine and water at the same time – handy, practical and stylish.

Extremely practical kitchen appliances by Tomas Kral - Molecule Carafe

It’s absolutely worth checking Tomas Kral’s remarkable portfolio, where you can closely track out the creation process of some of his products.

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