There are so many examples of successful product design, which ingeniously envisages functionalities, corresponding to the real human behavior and the Smash Alarm clock promises just about that. Designed by Matthias Lange, the Smash Clock is a conceptual device tending to release the frustration of waking up every morning by the alarm beep. You know, you don’t necessarily need to go to work, you’re getting stressed, you want to smash that little beeping thing and you certainly will do it at some point – it’s just a matter of time, work and irritating everyday factors.
You have to hit the top surface of the Smash Clock to switch the alarm off and with the time being the deformation will become a sign of how you’ve precisely used it – some sort of artificial intelligence will track the damage and bring the device out of order when everything gets too far.

I completely adore the idea and will get the clock once it hits the market with the only clause that it will snooze while just pressed.

Smash Clock – wake up, releasing the stress every morning

Check the Matthias Lange portfolio    via (BenLegaus)

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