LIEUL is a masterpiece creation from the industrial designer Ahn DaeKyung, presented on 100% Design London 2008. The name and the really outstanding form are inspired by the Korean consonant LIEUL, which communicates the impression of infinity – similar to the shape on the popular Snake game when you reach 2000 points. LIEUL comes as an improvement to the regular bookshelves, which are inconvenient to hold a whole row of books, unless you have bunch of holders to divide the shelf itself. Ahn DK personally observed this effect with an IKEA bookshelf, which is a really top fault discovery for a brand mastering the usability to perfection. LIEUL technology simply uses elastic bands, which can be re-positioned on the shelf, thus way customizing the space according to the number of books you need to stock.

The result is astonishing piece of furniture, which will inspire your interior, while you enjoy customizing it.

LIEUL bookshelf - stunning design and innovative book organization

And we have 1 minute video bonus out of the Ahn DK kitchen, that illustrates it all:

Me totally want my hands on it!

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