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SexEatoys – erotic kitchen utensils for gastronomy pleasure

At some point in the contemporary living we forget that our mouth is not just an instrument for swallowing the daily food doze, but it’s the main tactile organ for perceiving the unique phenomenon called TASTE. As such our mouth deserves special treatment, which we comply only with the act of brushing our teeth. Following the values of the traditional table code, the designer Charlie Nghiem explored the connection between our food, kitchen utensils and mouth and created Sex Eat Toys series for ultimate gastronomy pleasure. Being in the middle of the feeding process, kitchen utensils should maximize the taste and the culinary delights, further more their touch should bring a profound experience of pure pleasure. For getting this done the surface of Sex Eat Toys is designed in relief on a symmetric spots, thus way bringing an erotic flavor for playing and intimating with your meal, while literary caressing you. With Sex Eat Toys you can completely drop the proper table behavior and band on the desire of licking your plate or spoon after a delicious dish.

Sex Eat Toys – erotic kitchen utensils for gastronomy pleasure
Sex Eat Toys – erotic kitchen utensils for gastronomy pleasure
Sex Eat Toys – erotic kitchen utensils for gastronomy pleasure

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  1. It would be nice to see more of this, people with appetite for food and art often have that same great taste for sexuality and the erotic.

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