A rubber cable, zinc metal hook and a light bulb are the simple components behind a real masterpiece – Bingo Ingo hanging lamp, designed by Admir Jukanovich for Alt Lucialternative. You see the live wires and you just keep distance, as per the laws of the electricity even a bear touch can be your last one on this earth. However this is exactly what you need to do, to have Bingo Ingo switched on or off. The magical touch actually activates the integrated at the end of the cable touch-dimmer switch device which is taking care of the lights. The rubber cable itself is flexible enough for easy hanging, wounding round the hook and knotting for making your living space more informal and creative.

Bingo Ingo hanging lamp - live wires in your creative living space

The prices at Ebay are a little bit scary, but it seems that it’s the only purchasing option so far.

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