One of the pioneers in the luggage industry Samsonite collaborates with Hollywood favorite designer Alexander McQueen for the impressive Samsonite Black Label collection. Entirely ergonomic, featuring natural shapes and curves, the revolutionary SBL collection breaks the traditional luggage forms and lines and brings innovative, yet luxury luggage experience.
The Hero Upright piece is first look love with the genial skeleton shaped back and front. I really like the symbolism behind the design – the rib cage shell of the Hero Upright series is designed to protect your belongings much like the human rib cage protects the vital organs. The pull handle reinforce the concept by its resemblance to a human bone and the zipper pulls are imprinted with Alexander McQueen’s own fingerprint. The thermoformed interior is designed in a soft moulded form with fastening cross straps and shoe and laundry bags for a complete organization.
Available in bone, black or chocolate brown:

The Hero Upright - innovative, rib cage shaped piece of luggage from Samsonite

I’m not surprised that exactly Marilyn Manson bought a piece from the SBL collection – both kind of match 🙂

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Alexander McQueen official website / wikipedia page
via (Omami)

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