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Kick Style Handcrafted Christmas Stockings Selection

Roger Horchow launched the first luxury mail-order catalogue back in 1971, proving that all things are possible by mail, even a great customer service. Not only he’s credited with setting marketing standards such as the use of toll-free phone numbers for placing catalog orders, but 37 years later he is still managing to offer nothing but unique and distinctive range of products, that you can easily label – masterpieces.
Our Christmas Stockings selection is completely based on the handcrafted chef d’oeuvres from www.horchow.com. Your family deserves fabulous presents and a fairy-tale Christmas – make it happen with these terrific Christmas Stockings:

Kickstyle selection of Christmas Handcrafted Stockings
  • 1. Krinkles Stockings & Stocking Holders – each stocking is handcrafted of fabric with metal accents and all hangers are handcrafted of resin and painted by hand. Shown top to bottom: jingle, joy, treble clef, and wonder –
    stockings $ 65, holders $ 90
  • 2. Felt Applique Christmas Stockings – hand made in Hungary, all stockings are rendered in wool felt application. Shown left to right: Santa, green snowman, angel, nutcracker, and red snowman –
    prices from $ 100 to $ 150
  • 3. Hand Embroidered Stockings & Stocking Holders – handmade, hand-embroidered ivory and gold satin and tissue-fabric stockings are finished with simulated pearls. All holders are weighty, handcrafted cherubs in flute, trumpet, harp, and drum figurines –
    stockings $ 80, holders $ 95
  • 4. Faux Fur Christmas Stockings – all stockings are dressed up with lattice-pattern gold brocade and an assortment of luscious red and gold trims. Shown left to right: cord-trim cuff, panel cuff, fringe cuff, and fur cuff –
    stockings $ 75
  • 5. Cone Stockings & Finial Holders – velvet stockings with metal accents and suede trim. All stocking holders are made of resin, inspired by architectural finials –
    stockings $ 150, holders $ 40
  • 6. Leather Stockings & Hooks – all stockings are Mexico made from hand-tooled leather, detailed with whipstitching. Finial stocking hooks are made of polyresin finished to resemble iron –
    stockings $ 200, holders $ 40

Happy Christmas Stocking Shopping from KickStyle