Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that was used to wrap and transport clothes, lunch boxes and other goods in the past. The number of Furoshiki users is constantly increasing these days, as the green idea behind Furoshiki is a serious plastic bag killer and it’s preferable for environmental protection usage. The Furoshiki is already covering new horizons as table clothing, a scarf wearing, as well as a stunning style gift wrapping.

Furoshiki - the Japanese art of christmas gift wrapping

Recycle Now adopted the Furoshiki idea by collaborating with The Japanese Shop and created a comprehensive video guide, covering the art of eco gift wrapping ala Japanese. The main idea is that with Furoshiki type of wrapping you are actually giving double present with nothing to throw away. You are not supposed to use the original Furoshiki cloth of course – any fabric, large enough to wrap the objects and easy to knot will do perfectly the job.
Watch the step by step video guide for wrapping books, bottles, chocolates and for making an original Furoshiki bag:

Furoshiki Christmas gift wrapping – a genial idea by Recycle Now
Get additional Furoshiki instructions
For the hardcore fans – buy original Furoshiki cloth at The Japanese Shop
Thanks to guykawasaki

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