Being a huge fan of the shoulder bags makes me always looking for the perfect one. Obviously when you get your latest you are stumbling upon that small store with incredibly looking articles and you get obsessed. Usually, the same applies for all the personal stuff you are digging. My next challenge these days is Incredible Factory and their stunning collection of perfectly designed shoulder bags. The top favorite of course is the “Retrowave”, which print is an exact copy of the soviet VEF (type of radio) I used to listen every morning when I was kid.
A look is well worth:

stylish shoulder bags
stylish shoulder bags

All the bags are mixture of matt vinyl and “Soprama” – lasting and fire resistant material. There is a large interior compartment with three separate pockets; the overall size is 32x23x10 cm with adjustable strap of 30-180 cm.

The bad news is that the store is exclusively Russian based, therefore the payment & shipment are only local. Even they are a little bit pricey – 60 EUR/piece, I will try to get in touch with the owners asking for international service and will keep you updated.

You can check the entire Incredible Factory collection – Google Translate service will do a quite accurate translation for you. via (Novate)