The Fitting Room experience is what the online shopping is missing the most. Obviously there’s no way to virtualize the reality that much (at least not for the moment), but the web technologies took a huge step forward in the e-commerce area. An appropriate example, based on Adobe Scene7 platform for dynamic reach media solutions is integrated on JCPenney online store. Basically instead of checking, enlarging or zooming the traditional 4-5 product photos you get a realistic video fashion review. You’ve got a human model, wearing your item of interest with options for turning on 360’ closing by and distancing on the screen. The related products are visualized by animated thumbnails, teasing to click and check. It loads relatively quickly and you receive a realistic dimensional picture of the product you are about to purchase.

Even though JCPenny is not my favorite store and the real review option is available only for the Worthington women line, adopting such interactive presentation will definitely attract more customers and increase the overall sales, while getting closer to a realistic e-commerce experience for the end users.

You can browse the whole line on JCPenny or check the technology on Scene7
via ( richcommerce )