My wild guess is that the author of the Zimmeration project – Nikola Seen Yan Leung joinned together the words Zimmer and Nation thus way creating the name of his concept. The Zimmers or Zimmer Frame is British common term, equivalent for a Walker – tool for disabled people who need additional support to maintain balance or stability while walking.

I really love the idea for bringing style in objects and areas where the style is excluded by default. The elder people deserve comfort and opportunity to express their lifestyle in the equipment which is a daily living requisite for them. Nikola Leung addresses these issues by re-shaping the traditional forms into more organic and futuristic ones and by accenting on different series of graphics for styling the body-frame.

The introduced new function for taking an extra step while walking with Zimmeration sounds more like adding an extra effort for the person who use it. Thinking in a direction for controlling the width and height might bring an innovation flavor to the product and avoid size discrepancies for the people with different age, proportions and genre.

Great, noble and stylish concept, which I hope will evolve into constant equipment for every disabled person.

stylish equipment for disable people

via ( CSM Product Design )