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Pilen Bicycle Concept – retro style bike with unique design features

Swedish product designer Eric Oscar Therner did what the city lifestyle needed– an elegant bike design, which refreshes the contemporary biking visuals and in the same time makes the biker standing out from the everyday environment, while enjoying a comfort ride. The concept is entirely inspired from the 1930’s Le Mans racers with an idea to spice it up with materials and technologies from the future. Thus way the bike is equipped with unique features such as led lights integrated into the frame and a two part saddle which absorbs shock. What really impress me in the Pilen Concept are the fine curves, the way all parts hold together in a solid, but still elegant construction giving an impression of power, comfort and safety.

pilen retro style bike
pilen retro style bike

The Pilen bike proofs again that mixing retro and contemporary result in excellent concepts – let’s hope they will soon flood the markets with their product equivalents.

Pilen bike is Eric Therner’s concept for studio ADDI via ( designboom )