The 3 stripes are from those kinds of classics, which are never ending inspirational source for the mankind. This time it hits the fashion world with a brand new watch concept from the designer Ilya Nikolich. The old-school Adidas charm is reincarnated in simplistic combination of metal and leather and elegant triple path strips layout. A genial decision is the triple column disposition of the date and time elements, giving the impression of refined design geometry. I really like the idea behind the stylish dotted font, which visually reminds me of the flipped numbers and letters on the retro informational boards. The only element I would rather remove is the Adidas lily logo, which conceptually doesn’t get along with the triple stripes one.

Brilliant watch concept, worth hitting the Adidas labs right away.

adidas nu retro watch

For more pictures and information visit Ilya Nikolich portfolio

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