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TripClip-practical solution for your fashion pair of jeans

simple practical invention

Time and again prove that the simplicity is fundamental factor for a genius invention. TripClip is a simple but extremely practical solution for keeping your trousers intact. How’s that?
Clip on the Trip Clip – durable plastic clip that attaches to your trousers with an elastic cord around the ankle perfectly holding your trouser just off the ground.
TripClip will not only protect your jeans but it will save you time and money on shorten the trousers, in case you buy an outsize pair. And we all are aware of the EU, US, UK standards in which you can easily get lost guessing and calculating for the matching size.
Keeping your fingers crossed is a must when buying a pair of jeans on ebay – getting the right size depends entirely on the jeans seller – the solution is: get one size over, a TripClip(s) and just relax.

The procedure is easy as 1,2,3:

simple practical invention

TripClip is the perfect fashion accessory, the one that everybody will pay attention on, asking what exactly this thing doing on your jeans – the answer depends on your imagination, but this is a perfect occasion to look like a fashion maniac.

simple practical invention

TripClip = Simple, Stylish, 5 colors, 7 EUR.
Grab your TripClip at: http://www.terraplana.com

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  1. they seem really useful. maybe ppl wouldnt want the bright colors on them though

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