Let there be BOX!I was pleasantly surprised when i saw the interior design products created by Igland Design. Based in Norway, Igland Design Studio combines tradition Scandinavian wood with high-tech materials to create products that are visually strong, yet simple in appearance. Simplicity will be the most convenient keyword, which mixed with birch ply, carbonfibre, neoprene and a genious design sense produce the most creative, practical and futuristic goods, which are mandatory invaders of our home styles. That’s what the guys from Igland Studio do.

The Mealbox is composed by: Birch Plywood reinforced with carbonfibre. Neoprene rubber seat-padding. Table doubles as coffee-table.

Dimensions when assembled:
h: 40cm w: 68cm l: 77 – 233cm

Assembled view:

creative lifestyle products

And if you still think that this is not possible, think twice. And if you are accidently on a` camping site with 5 more friends, bring back the company comfort with a morning tea, served on a perfect japanese style table. The impression is guranteed. An you might want to print this one, in case you are stuck with the assembilng:

creative lifestyle products

Dimensions when boxed:
h: 43cm w: 68cm l: 77cm

I hope that the creativity of Alet and Dag Igland will never exhaust and their creative interior design studio will be populated with more extraordinary homewear goods. You might contact them for all the details at:

mob: +47 40 42 73 76
e-mail: iglanddesign@yahoo.no
web: Igland Design.

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