You load shopcomposition and you see this:

You don’t really need to spend more than 10 sec to realize that you are on a totally unique online store, some you haven’t saw before. Clean design, minimalist vision, smooth and pleasant flash makes you feel that you are on the right place. Actually their statement says it all: “We are a modern store, committed to good design”. Simple and so involving.

So your first intuitive reaction is to check what they have to offer. Everything is so simple and practically made, that you can’t be lost even for a second – the browsing is simplified to: search, 2 static pages and 2 product filters – by vendor and by category. The product listing is preceded from a high-resolution image related to the category, which actually builds the unique store conception and makes you wish so much the product. One long horizontal flash scroll presents the items within the category – one click opens the detailed view.

online store for creative lifestyle products

The conclusion so far: 3 clicks after the site loads and you are ready to buy.

Why you are ready to buy? Because all of the products just match perfectly the concept of this blog – live your life in style. So let’s present the products with keywords, otherwise there will be descriptions – huge ones:

  • Create comfort
  • Products that work
  • Sit in style
  • Things for your mobile lifestyle
  • Live design
  • Urban lifestyle
  • Organize your gadgets
  • Imagine your future
  • Find inspiration
  • Hear always
  • Combine function and beauty
  • Wear your mood
  • Complement your life
  • Present great ideas in style
  • Creative simplicity
  • Go retro – Be modern
  • Ease of function etc. etc.etc.

And let’s visualize some of them:

stylish chairs for playing leather vase stylish knife practical wallets

/the leather vase is my favorite/
Well as any online store you can enjoy the promotions for series of the lifestyle products. Right now all shoes are on sale.

Definitely a must check store:

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